A Thai Movie Review: The Teacher’s Diary (2014)


The story begins at a school; a man named Song (Sukrit Wisetkaew) called by the headmaster to be fired as a substitute teacher. Nevertheless, he begs to get any other jobs at the school and the headmaster even posts him, who was actually a former wrestler, to teach in a houseboat-school. In the other scene, the headmaster said the same thing to a woman teacher, Ann (Chermarn Boonyasak). They went to the same houseboat-school a year apart, a school as named lies on the middle of a lake which is far away from the town.

Mr. Song starts his job as a teacher of the houseboat-school with the decreasing enthusiasm when he realizes that none of the students come to study. Then he announces the inhabitant that he has come, as a new teacher of the school. The result? He gets back four students to be taught. At the beginning, Song finds the diary of Ann, a former teacher of houseboat-school. The stories written by Ann make him impressed and fall in love with Ann.

In the next year, Ann comes back to the houseboat-school and finds out that her diary is filled with what Song has written, but Song is not there anymore. Now, Ann’s situation out there is not same with when she came there at the first time. The stories written by Song make it different.

Many ways they do to teach in this film can be lessons, especially when you are a teacher. It’s not about doing the same, but the important thing is understand the aim and the reason why that way be used. (And, I also learn to fix my ‘intention’ while watching this film, hihi.)

From some synopsis, I found a same sentence, “Is it possible to love someone you have never meet?”. But, I’m not gonna tell the answer. As, a teacher, my worst surroundings is an elementary school of a big regency’s sub-district. And unfortunately, I had ever taught at two best secondary schools of Bandung, I also had ever been in an environment of a school foundation, as the branches are in various countries. I don’t regret and I never regret it. But, there’re so many lucky people out there can learn how to teach at rural school, or in the concession. Different environments definitely teach you different things. This film teach me that as long as you love and believe in what you do, believe that there’re so many things that you can you do to your place, no matter how little it is.

If advancing the education is a big far dream to be reached, then I’ll start from fixing the aim in my mind, discover many ways and best processes to humanize human.

Keep Calm and Educate!

[Saya juga menulis tulisan ini dalam Bahasa Indonesia. Klik di sini untuk membaca.]


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